In my artistic practice, I listen and follow the material and my intuition. It is important for me to understand how the iron moves, so I can collaborate with it to create artwork. Inspiration comes from Lapland’s nature, spirits of ancestors and from decay and death of everything living. I explore forms of complexity through traditional blacksmith techniques. In this, I combine traditional Sámi aesthetics with contemporary art forms.

I work with nature and mythological aspects. To express these forms is necessary to get the characteristics of primitive and organic into my work. To show that rough and fragile beauty of the arctic wilds. This piece combines two carrying themes of my work; the mythology of the Sámi people and the vegetation of Sápmi land.

My practice has gone from measured, clean, geometrical forms to distorted, decaying and mythical. What started as a need to understand the material expanded into a collaboration with it to create art that embodies the feel of spirits. In the beginning, it was important for me to master the techniques and command iron into forms I felt it needed to take. From then on my understanding of the material techniques and the world has changed all that. I can listen to the iron and follow its lead when I am amid creation.

With my work, I am paying homage to my Sámi roots and culture and tell stories of my forefathers. I breathe life into my sculptures by working the intuitive way and listening to the material. I don’t force my medium into something it doesn’t want to be, but summon its proper form and give it its existence in this realm of ours. These forms I create speak of my cultural mythology, one which holds a spirit and body of life within the form. The concept that the material has life is vital.


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